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              All bottle compounds produced at Interplast are suitable for food contact applications and can safely be used for packing edible oil, fruit juices and soft drinks. They ensure the absence of any toxicological side effects and protect the contents from oxidation and UV radiation. The range also includes compounds suitable for safe packing of cosmetics, detergents and chemicals. The characteristics of each bottle compound are tested on a laboratory blow molder as part of Interplast’s development and quality

              Bottles & Films

              Interplast PVC Compounds for Bottles are suitable for blow molding containers for packaging a wide variety of materials, including foodstuffs. Generally bottles or jars of up to 1.5 liters in capacity[ Zia bhai, please confirm- I copied this from somewhere.] may be produced using this compound. This compound may also be used to extrude profiles and tubes. These compounds are normally transparent, either Water White or Blue Tint to suit the customer’s requirement and are also available in opaque colours as required.