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              Calcium Carbonate Filled PP Compound is manufactured by compounding Polypropylene Homo-Polymer with fine grade of Chalk, with suitable grade of processing Aid, Heat stabilizer and Anti-oxidant.
              Injection Moulding grade is specially designed for Garden Furniture, Boxes, Buckets and Household applications. Extrusion grade is designed for Thermoforming sheet, Jumbo bags &Woven bags.

              Filled Polyethylene Compound

              Special Characteristics:

              The filler in the compound incorporates certain important properties those are essential for ultimate product.

              The properties are as under:

              • Improves scratch resistance.
              • Improves Dimension Stability etc.
              • Improves Mechanical Property.
              • Reduces Cost.
              • Reduces Shrinkage etc

              Note: We also make tailor made compounds as per desired technical properties.