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              INTERGARD polyethylene cable tiles and boards constitute warning, protection and marker system for use in all ground conditions. Being extremely tough and long lasting they offer ideal protection to all underground services.
              Each tile is supplied with a peg allowing strong longitudinal joining for uninterrupted protection. INTERGARD polyethylene tiles and boards are extremely tough and do not tend to crack. They comply with the impact strength requirements for concrete tiles to BS 2484.

              INTERGARD PE tiles and boards conform to impact strength requirements of British Standard 2484 : 1895.

              PE CABLE TILES & BOARDS


              • Approved by ADWEA, FEWA, DEWA, SEWA etc.
              • Standard thickness are 5/8mm
              • Standard widths are 150/200/250/300mm
              • Manufactured from polyethylene (HDPE/LDPE) for unmatched strength and durability.
              • Light weight for easy handling and installation.
              • Clearly printed with identification, instructions or warnings, on bright red or yellow base coloration.
              • Manufacturing flexibility allows colours and printing to be made to order.
              • Other special dimensions can be produced to order.
              • Available with simple but secure hole/peg joining system, giving a flexible but very strong joint.