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              DECODUCT Panel Trunking is a lightweight and durable slotted panel trunking for use in wiring applications where cable protection is essential i.e. switchboards, etc . The grey PVC open slotted trunking is quick and easy to install and ideal for most commercial applications.

              Conforms to British Standards BS EB 50085

              Panel Trunking Systems

              Manufactured from high impact PVC DECODUCT Panel Trunking. Different colors are available on request. Grey colour Panel trunking range is supplied in standard and bulk packs in following sizes :

              25 x 25
              38 x 25
              38 x 38
              50 x 25
              50 x 38
              50 x 50
              50 x 75
              62x 25
              62 x 38
              62 x 62
              75 x 38
              75 x 50
              75 x 75