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              DECODCUT Conduit Switch socket boxes are manufactured as per British standards confirming to to BS 5773, BS 4662 .
              All the Surface Mounting boxes for Conduits and Mini trunkings are available with or without knock outs. The Surface and Flush mounting boxes are offered in standard White, Black and Grey colour Adaptable boxes comply to Ingress Protection rating of IP 56 (with rubber gasket) .
              These domestic surface mounted boxes are specially designed for use in laboratories, kitchens & many other clean areas.

              Mounting Boxes

              Both 1 gang and 2 gang boxes are fitted with M3.5 brass inserts with earth terminal facility.

              Fixing centres
              Single Gang Box : 60.3 mm
              Twin Gang Box : 120.6 mm

              Single Gang and Twin Gang Flush mounting boxes are DFO2 & DFT2 respectively available in 35 mm depth.