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              These state of the art windows come with the design of three chamber system which enhances the thermal and sound insulation. The outer wall thickness using special UPVC compounds ensures high strength and impact resistance equivalent to international standards. These windows come with special features like co-extruded UV protection to withstand the harsh weather conditions of the gulf region.

              Tilt & Turn Profile


              • The design of three-chamber system enhances the thermal and sound insulation
              • The outer wall thickness using state-of-the art special UPVC compoundensures high strengh of corner welding, high impact resistance equivalent to international standards. Indigenously developed co-extruded UV protection layers provide an additional protection to profiles to withstand harsh weather conditions in the Gulf region.A unique advantage over many profiles available in the market.
              • Various glass beads with co-extruded gasket provide single glaze, double glaze an triple glaze options.
              • A detachhable architrave is equipped with the frame profiles so that architrave can be used both in external and internal applications.
              • Anti static surface of Duramax profiles prevents depositing of dust/dirt and this making it easier to clean.